Hot Shoe Shuffle

In the Swinging Sixties, Dolly Birds
travelled a parallel style-street with Mods,
and this Roger Vivier shoe was their signature.
The heel you can't see, is low and chunky.
It's still a big seller 40 years on.
It was worn with white or black opaque tights,
or with white or black fishnets,
or lace tights


  1. Oh, the memories of going to work in high heels and buying a pair of shoes like this with my first pay packet. The relief when walking home 2kms from the station.

  2. Hi JahTeh - of course, short short hemlines look best with low chunky heels.
    I think one of the differences between Dolly Birds and MODS is the long hair vs. short geometric cuts.
    The streets of Melbourne were full of gorgeous girls back then.

  3. there will be VIVIER shoes at the Bendigo exhibition of the top post above

  4. I love a good, low, sensible heel. Sometimes a girl is too busy to fuss about.

    We have to be practical because we are often running about doing so many errands.

    ... and they look nice too.