strike up the band

I love this jacket, and wish I could recall the title of the recent French movie whose main character wore it really well. Others liked it too, as it sold out immediately on release, at US$11,000 (oh yes and worth every penny for the embroidery hours). The Bruno Frisoni shoe -
I have not settled on what dress I would wear between the jacket and the shoes, but am reminded of this from my idol - "Joan Rivers, said once when she saw a celebrity wearing a terrible dress allegedly chosen by her boyfriend -
"Well, at least you can say that her boyfriend is straight."
Do visit the very droll Hadley Freeman's writings in The Guardian. She has opinions I share, especially when she says that Joan Rivers is "this column's life icon".

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  1. I saw that movie - she had Jane*Birkin hair and played a wild-child with an upper-class boyfriend whose family did not approve of her. The jacket should have won them over - US$11,000 sacre bleu!