My favourite dress of all time was made by Mia Fonssagrives and Vicky Tiel in 1965 for Paula Prentiss to wear in Woody Allens 'What's New Pussycat' which I went to see 5 times the week it opened. The dress is backless, which is not apparent from this picture of it worn by Jane Holzer for VOGUE USA. The Mia and Vicky label however, was backed, and by none other than Dame Elizabeth Taylor, and Mia was the daughter of a legendary 50's model Lisa Fonssagrives - Erwin Blumenfeld photographed her famously, in a long gown and swinging by one hand from high on the Eiffel Tower. What's New Pussycat, was of course, set in Paris, and if you follow that link there is a photo of Paula in the movie version of this fab frock.


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Bucklebury woman weds

An update after the event because this image is so lovely. Far left is the little girl looking like a cherub, who later was freaked by the noise and had mean people saying she looked demonic.
Do follow this link to the BEST photos of the whole shebang. Also, if you check my last image here, it is not so far from the gown actually worn.

That poor girl, knowing the
entire world will be
examining her wedding gown
and ripping into every detail.

I hope she wears her hair up,
and I hope she is influenced by
The Young Victoria as Emily Blunt
looked in that movie.
I hope she goes in with an
orange blossom circlet and
comes out in a
stonking great glittering tiararara.

I know she won't do cleavage,
or a meringue, and I know that
no Emanuels will sway her into a
6-metre train as dippy Di was swayed.

This gown on the left is the 1923
wedding gown of Lady
Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon aka The Queen
The wedding gowns by
designer Alice Temperley
are in similar styles,
which makes me think
Miss Middleton will be
heading that way.

If I was
being married I would
want this sort of gown.

Meanwhile, all the Kate
hysteria by the media is
allowing Zara and Mike
to do their wedding in relative
peace, and good luck to them
all from me.


Mr Galliano's Circus

Dior does not make anything that my lifestyle could embrace, but this rich peasant look has charm. Mr Galliano is not having a good week. I knew from the first reports that something was missing, and here it is: the 'victims' provoked him, without knowing who he was.
Another casualty is Natalie Portman who managed to make a statement despite being very pregnant and busy winning an Oscar. She claimed to be proud of her Jewish heritage (as I am of mine), but one has to ask 'How proud?' since her birth name is Herschgel. not very, really. obviously.
(Image: Sipa Press/Rex Features)
"On Thursday night at the posh fashion bar La Perle in Paris ... the Dior head designer might have had a couple of glasses more than he should have. In fact, the designer was pretty drunk but rather in a jolly mood than in an aggressive one.”
Our witnesses tell us that the couple who sat next to him at the bar didn’t recognise the celebrity designer and started to insult him, mistaking him for a bum when he tried to strike up a conversation with them (Galliano’s personal style could be at fault here).
“On his joyful “cheers everybody!” the woman and her boyfriend replied
‘You’re ugly, you’re disgusting, move away from here!’” as our eyewitnesses tell us.

Galliano didn’t react to this statement and raised his glass with other bar guests.
He then turned around to respond to the lady, saying:
“You’re ugly and your fucking bag is ugly too.”
“The boyfriend of the women then got up from his chair and aggressively charged it to threaten the designer. Galliano’s bodyguard tried to quiet the situation, as did the staff from La Perle, but there was nothing more to do; Galliano and the couple exchanged further insults until the couple called the police while Galliano calmed down and smoked a cigarette.”

The end of the story, our eyewitness tells us, was that the police just talked to the designer while his bodyguard was on the phone with his lawyer and Galliano conceded to go with them to the police headquarters to give his version of the story, since the couple wanted to press charges. “No big police arrest took place. As for the anti-Semitic statements, Galliano did call the man who threatened him with a chair “Asian”, which is indeed a racist statement.”
All in all, another dodgy fashionable night in the heart of Paris!
What do we learn from this?
Bad style can get you into legal trouble, and no matter how drunk,
a designer can never see past an ugly bag.

(this is all from www.sleek-mag.com and I was tipped off by The Telegraph fashion page)