Under the boardwalk

Lingerie needs to be pretty. This is French of course, by Aubade.
Put that into Guugle image search and enjoy yourself.


Roi Orb Is On

Copperwitch is talking about her lust for the OPIUM fragrance by YSL, so I have to weigh-in with my favourites, both spicy and similar.

Chanel's black-label COCO is a dream, and about A$120 for a 100ml classic bottle of eau de parfum.
Vivienne Westwood's Boudoir is spicy too and has such a great flask - I love that she has almost completely appropriated the orb symbol from Her Majesty.


This is
Vivienne Westwood's
Empire Purse
perfect for daywear or evening,
races or restaurant,
a right royal time will be had.


Hot Shoe Shuffle

In the Swinging Sixties, Dolly Birds
travelled a parallel style-street with Mods,
and this Roger Vivier shoe was their signature.
The heel you can't see, is low and chunky.
It's still a big seller 40 years on.
It was worn with white or black opaque tights,
or with white or black fishnets,
or lace tights


Two Tones

Perfect frock.
Thank you Marc Jacobs.
It comes in apricot too,
and I would have both
in a perfect world.