Aquamarine, sapphires, diamonds, pearls, coral, and a majestic seahorse all sprinkled with sparkly colour.
This is what you have when you can have anything you want to.
Victoire Castellane designed these for your local Dior Joaillerie boutique, and now they are in my virtual treasure trove.


Ring A Ding Ding

These pretty rings
are from Dior, Paris.
A$9000 and up.



Silver threaded gift

There are some quality people on my links and Antikva is one of them we will meet at the FrockBlog on Sunday 18th.

She paints and draws and makes beautiful things then
recklessly gifts them to thrilled recipients.
When she stops doing this and amasses a collection, her online shop will open and you can have one too - think ahead to Mother's Day for a unique expression of your appreciation