Aquamarine, sapphires, diamonds, pearls, coral, and a majestic seahorse all sprinkled with sparkly colour.
This is what you have when you can have anything you want to.
Victoire Castellane designed these for your local Dior Joaillerie boutique, and now they are in my virtual treasure trove.


  1. what a pretty blog! post more stuff, im starved for nice things to look at

  2. Dear starving-for-nice Poet
    thank you for your visit and comment.

    My instant buck-up solution is to put 'tiara' into Image search

    and follow the varied trails through history and luxe.

    Victoria & Albert Museum website took up a great deal of attention yesterday. put 'modern icon' in their searchbox and read the story of Jon Lewis and the chair.

    or Geelong fashion blogger sassybella.com in my links
    always has good stuff to follow.
    the www is wonderful

  3. I want the seahorse but with more diamonds and less red coral.
    Yes, I'm picky.