Smashing Time

"More tea?" said The Mad Hatter to Alice.
"How can I have more, when I haven't had any?" she replied.
Alice In Wonderland' (2010) movie merchandising is upscale with this US$1100- geegaw of teacups and smashed saucers. I covet this, mindlessly.
It's not The Mad** Hatter's Tea Party till I get there.
**19thC Milliners went mad from constantly inhaling the fumes of glue used to stiffen bonnets and brims.
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  1. too trissy for a MOD to wear, but I like it.

  2. I see no periwinkle blue in that necklace.

  3. HoHo JahTeh - it's a bouquet of teasets but Hyacinth Bucket wouldn't like it.

  4. Marina Hyde, in The Guardian, on the Alice (2010) director:
    "It's notable that Tim Burton's other enduring muse is the fervent Anglophiliac Johnny Depp, who was so grateful for the care his daughter received at Great Ormond Street that he visits the wards in his Jack Sparrow costume. Depp was there at the Alice premiere, along with Vivienne Westwood in a deconstructed tiara, Camilla Parker-Bowles in floor-length and tiara (non deconstructed variety), Barbara Windsor in a miniature silk top hat, and of course Bonham-Carter, resplendent in Westwood and assorted pearls and ribbons and lockets. To say there was an absence of Californian tan would be an understatement – the entire thing resembled a convention of Miss Havishams. In a good way.

    Burton can make people re-examine the world from an angle they never thought of before. So when he enthuses about London's history and museums and weather, he does so in a way which reminds us how nice it is to feel proud of such things, and how oddly fitting that this son of Burbank should live in the house owned by Alice's original illustrator, Arthur Rackham."

  5. Did you see the girl from An Education at the Academy Awards? She had little bits of silverware sewn all over her dress. It was stunning. I love this as well.

  6. Seems like a different world down here. You better not wear stuff like this in New Jersey.

  7. You mean hatters went mad from absorbing the Mercury that they used to shape hats with, course they ueed it for curing constipation back then, now you can't even have a thermometer in yer house, Public Safety is PARAMOUNT!!!!!

  8. I love Alice in Wonderland, and especially Burton's version. Actually, I could do a Burton / Depp love-in, one movie at a time.

    I actually have some Alice-type furniture in my lounge room. People think it's are a bit kooky, but I love them.