Oh! Owen!

II love Texan Frat Pack-er Owen Wilson and I love this dear little dress. Rachel McAdams is stinking both of them up with her Gauloise and Owen doesn't care at all. She won't look so cool in the onc ward, and maybe then I will get a crack at Owen.


  1. hiee,
    Owen hmm, yeah.. you would have a shot at it if he was lost way out in your neighbourhood and he happened to stumble accross your doorstep asking for directions and suddenly he realized he did not want directions afterall... he looked into your eyes and he was hooked, right there... it was fate, he could not fight it and he didnt.. :)

    ohhh i am so excited now, and i hope that you get the prez you want, that would be kewl

    Seeing your post on fashion and such hmmm, i have been keeping an ohh so close eye on Jimmy Choo's website and Bluesuits New York, the lingerie and cotton lace bra's and panties are too fantastic, too delicious to describe, back to the suits, oh how wonderful to see suits made to order and in such clean lines that would enhance any figure, i think i will put them on my site and again i must thank you yes, thanks for the encouagement sweetie :))) and huggz to you,

  2. Gauloise means cigarette, I'm sure, but I've never heard the word here in America.