Bucklebury woman weds

An update after the event because this image is so lovely. Far left is the little girl looking like a cherub, who later was freaked by the noise and had mean people saying she looked demonic.
Do follow this link to the BEST photos of the whole shebang. Also, if you check my last image here, it is not so far from the gown actually worn.

That poor girl, knowing the
entire world will be
examining her wedding gown
and ripping into every detail.

I hope she wears her hair up,
and I hope she is influenced by
The Young Victoria as Emily Blunt
looked in that movie.
I hope she goes in with an
orange blossom circlet and
comes out in a
stonking great glittering tiararara.

I know she won't do cleavage,
or a meringue, and I know that
no Emanuels will sway her into a
6-metre train as dippy Di was swayed.

This gown on the left is the 1923
wedding gown of Lady
Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon aka The Queen
The wedding gowns by
designer Alice Temperley
are in similar styles,
which makes me think
Miss Middleton will be
heading that way.

If I was
being married I would
want this sort of gown.

Meanwhile, all the Kate
hysteria by the media is
allowing Zara and Mike
to do their wedding in relative
peace, and good luck to them
all from me.


  1. I love that Alice Temperley gown and I hope that the palace vaults were opened for some antique lace. A discreet hand beaded blinging for a spring glint in the return carriage would be nice.
    Flowers threaded through her hair ala Liz Taylor for the Burton nuptials?

  2. oh JayTee when you said 'lace from the palace vaults' I imagined Her Maj having a very classy Busy Box.

    I keep hearing Karen Carpenter singing Paul William's soppy song:
    'white lace and promises, a kiss for luck and we're on our way' ...

  3. Her Maj is often given bolts of silk and such like on Royal visits. Queen Victoria used her wedding dress lace right through her life and even gave a bit to one daughter for her wedding.
    I always say, lace doesn't rot, it keeps on keeping.

  4. Well, and the dress in the end was as magnificent, and confident, and magnificently understated, as anyone could possibly hope! Grace Kelly meets an extremely cool, self-possessed young woman. One commoner-turned-royal invokes another, in the spirit of a guiding spirit.

    And that had to be the sexiest bridesmaid's dress in the history of bridesmaids' dresses!

  5. She looked just gorgeous!

  6. The photo of the 1923 wedding gown for Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was lovely. My gran was also married in 1923 and looked long and slinky like that as well. I wonder what their mothers thought of 1920s brides?