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the photo is of the divine Paulette Goddard. what a woman, what a life. when accused by the idiot McCarthy era HUAC of being "a Commie sympathiser" her response was that if called to testify against her colleagues she would pelt the committee with her diamond necklaces until they stopped.

To mark the birthday of cake-loving blogger pal Ms Copperwitch, we ponder [and I quote Mystic Medusa -]
"What does it mean to be a Leo, centuries after astrologers began to define this sign? How do people born from late July through late August reveal themselves, in modern 21st century astrology? Some things never change. The ancient lion archetype has long been a symbol for Kings and Queens and pageantry and heraldry is dominated by lions. Ruled by The Sun, you can never avoid being singled out for attention. The invisible Leo is almost non-existent. You may love the spotlight or loathe it but you must learn to shine, all the same. It’s okay to switch off afterwards. Leos all know how to make themselves invisible. Dark glasses are common. The father, for better or worse is the dominant influence on a Leo’s life. If the family/father connection is broken in childhood it has a stronger impact on Leo than other signs. The young Leo will then look for a father figure as a guide, mentor and role model. Astrologer Jessica Adams says: You will develop a powerful new relationship with the world of health, medicine, fitness or healing until 2024 that will transform your life for the better ... but that's after the hangover clears. Wishing you a magical day and many more.