All worn out

1960's satin 'Greta' evening shoes by BALLY of Switzerland
They were loved, but now abandoned. I had to face the fact that I
was never going to wear them again.
or these Bert & Ernie / Charlie Brown saddle shoes 
by Cole Haan.
Lovely lining and loved, but life moves on, if slowly.
Walk a mile in my shoes.
If the shoe fits, wear it.


  1. How did I manage to get two granddaughters who have no interest in fashions of us oldies? They don't even sew, sob.

  2. Annie I'm commenting here to suggest a solution to your dilemma on your other blog.

    You can switch back to Blogger comments by going to your Blogger Dashboard and going to Settings/ Posts, Comments & Sharing. Also go to User Profile and select Blogger.

    Hope that works