All worn out

1960's satin 'Greta' evening shoes by BALLY of Switzerland
They were loved, but now abandoned. I had to face the fact that I
was never going to wear them again.
or these Bert & Ernie / Charlie Brown saddle shoes 
by Cole Haan.
Lovely lining and loved, but life moves on, if slowly.
Walk a mile in my shoes.
If the shoe fits, wear it.


  1. How did I manage to get two granddaughters who have no interest in fashions of us oldies? They don't even sew, sob.

  2. Annie I'm commenting here to suggest a solution to your dilemma on your other blog.

    You can switch back to Blogger comments by going to your Blogger Dashboard and going to Settings/ Posts, Comments & Sharing. Also go to User Profile and select Blogger.

    Hope that works

  3. I, too, have begun re-homing the high heels I'll never safely wear again. My hairdresser sponsors a free wardrobe of evening dresses for teens who might otherwise miss the formal dances that celebrate graduation, and so...I hope these young ladies appreciate them and do not "clomp" in them!