Knit Wit

The model is Janny Goss a Carlton girl, and this Norma Tullo knit was my favourite jumper in about 1965. Ms Tullo had a boutique on the corner of Toorak Rd and Avoca St South Yarra, and her factory in Richmond had the 'honour' of the council renaming it's street Tullo Place. My beloved Canary jumper came in a book with another pattern in pale blue mohair of a cardigan with crochet 'buttons' stuffed with cotton wool (I think that model is Georgia Gold),
and that was the more-popular pattern choice of the Melbourne Dollybirds, they were everywhere in it.


  1. I think my favourite is the canary. But how do you know the models' names?

    What a beautiful pic that is. Did you knit up the skirt as well?

    So nice to come around to your blog again.


  2. not a skirt actually. just before Mods and DollyBirds, BriNylon 'slacks' were a wardrobe staple. An ancestor of the stretch leggings everywhere now. Bad girls wore olive green ones with baggy purple mohair jumpers - Presley purple as it was known. Corduroy superceded them for Mods. 'Elephant cord' was really broad. mine were red because Brian Jones's were red. I can name all the Melbourne models of the sixties. Jan Goss was the best, then Jackie Holme arrived from NZ. The old regime were Tabberer and Janice Wakely, Dawn Scott and Georgia Gold. Sportsgirl in Collins street used to have fashion parades after work for all the typing pool chicks to go to. It was groovy.

  3. Where have you been Anne O? Miss your wit and info mucho...

  4. Anno O ! Have Yourself An Ace Christmas!Enjoy! X

  5. Just discovered a groovy blog Holy GoGoBoots Batman with swinging sixties images. Blogger Sammy-lou is a real Melburnian.

    1. Thank you so much for recommending my blog! I'm so thrilled that someone with your obvious grooviness credentials likes it - and thanks again for all your comments, filling me in on so many factual gaps that I was unaware of...